Day 4 – Already a Failure

I did not post yesterday.  I am not happy about that.

I will say that I had the blank ‘Add a Post’ window open all day….  But I had no clue what I should write.  I didn’t feel like writing anything about Sonnet 2, or what I may or may not have learned about Sonnet 1…  

I didn’t care to mention the numerous mosquito bites I got from reading the last 5 chapters of ‘The Hunger Games’ outside by my pool at 8pm…  

Nor did I care to write anything at all..  




I hate that feeling.  I want to be able to vent, to discuss, to write.  That kind of block is CRAPPY!   I see the untouched, untainted, blank screen in front of me… just asking to be typed on..  but I cannot think of anything worthy enough of being posted out there to the Blogosphere..   The funny thing, is that I don’t really expect ANYONE to read the post, or comment on it, or even know it’s there…   So why the paranoia?  Why the ‘writer’s block’?  (ESPECIALLY since I am not a writer?)


I Do NOT know!   

Ugh… I seem to have a lot of ideas to write about when I am NOT blogging, but when I am… I’m screwed.. lol


Any and all insight would be great!  =)


One thought on “Day 4 – Already a Failure

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