Today Was Going to be Baby Day

I had a plan when I woke up –

Go through everything I have received so far for the baby, get stuff organized for the baby shower, set up a spreadsheet so that Thank You cards will be easy to address and send out, and see what is needed.

Baby shower truffles.

Baby shower truffles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But no.  Crazy Mother In Law, who will probably be known from here on as CMIL, wants to go to visit some family about 45 minutes away to confirm that she will be coming this weekend.  This would not usually bother me but for the fact that this family member has already confirmed, will be here on Sunday for the Baby Shower and could be reached by phone if it was really that much of an issue.

So, I get to drive way out of the way, sit and wait for the visit to end, and then come all the way home.

I’m thinking of trying to find a Dollar Store and/or maybe a Publix while she’s there to kill some time.  That should work, right?  If I spoke Spanish, it may have been a better day – but I don’t, and the CMIL does not speak English around me, only *to* me.  The older she gets, the worse IT gets.  I find it rude, but far be it for me to be able to say that.  Sigh…

Well, at least its still early.  I could be home by about 4 pm and still get some of it done.  Let’s see!

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