Cribs – Heaven or Hell?

My baby may have been spoiled. spoiled kid

Not by me, of course!!!  No, he is a great kid, but things happen, right?

While in the NICU, Bubbs (I think I need a new name) was propped up at an angle when he slept, due to what they said was acid re-flux   I believe them, but it still makes me question how they know.  I mean, it’s a baby. They can’t tell you if they are experiencing heartburn…  What they told me is that he spits up after eating.

Isn’t that normal?  Babies do that.  They Sleep, they poop, they eat and they spit up.  I have seen babies do that for years – and that was a bad thing?

They put him on a couple of medications for gas and re-flux, which we did not care for.  The pediatrician immediately took him off the gas meds, but kept him on Zantac.  We have slowly switched out the harsher Zantac for a softer Gripe Water – which has worked just fine so far!  Not that I condone the change, or disobeying a doctor…  We just couldn’t keep him on a medication that didn’t seem to help any more or less than the over the counter drug.

Okay, so to get back to the point – while in the NICU, Bubbs was propped up with receiving blankets and his little cubby thing was also at an angle, to keep him upright.  I guess he got comfortable with that.

When we brought him home that first night, we tried to put him into his crib – flat on his back.  This was not such a good idea.  (Yes, blonde moment!)  SOOO…  we got out the sleeper/rocker thing and put that together.  We put the car seat insert into it, so he couldn’t roll around so much, and he loved it!  He was cozy and secure and slept well with it all around him.  We were (and are, to a point) in heaven!  A baby that sleeps?  WOO HOO!!!!

But now, a month later, we want to transition him into his crib.  I mean, it’s a beautiful piece and cost a fair bit of money…  It’s something that we want to use, you know?

When we put him in there, he rolls to his side (usually the left) and sleeps for maybe thirty minutes to an hour.  Then he’s up and miserable.  Is this normal?  Should he be doing this?  I want him to get used to the crib, but not sure how.  I’m thinking I may have to roll some blankets up for him, but not sure if that’s smart.

Any advice?


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