Holy Crap – This Kid is STILL HERE!

I know.  Sounds harsh, right?  It’s not meant to be!

He’s almost four months old.  He’s still alive.  I’m doing something right!

I cannot say that I have finished a lot of my undertakings over the past couple of decades.  I think that may be part of why I’m so freaking afraid of this baby.  He’s never hurt anyone, never said a bad word, never done anything but be the cutest ball of sunshine he can be.  Yet, I still get the feeling every now and then that I am going to be able to hand him back over to his mom.  I’m just baby sitting.

I’m not.

I know that.  Duh!  But it’s still not completely a reality yet.  After three, almost four, months – how can that be???

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****Note*** posting today just to get out in the blogosphere!


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