Stress Sucks!


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There has been a lot of stress in this house since we moved in with the CMIL (Crazy Mother In Law).  The stress has increased by about 100 times over the past two weeks.  Pretty much because my husband hurt my feelings and I got mad at him.  I’m over it, but he doesn’t think #1 that he messed up; #2 that I should have gotten mad; and #3 I should apologize to him for getting angry.

Well that isn’t going to happen.  No way, no how…

So, due to this lovely situation, he’s sleeping in another room (has been for a week now), stomping around the house like a four year old, and pretty much blowing up at anything and everything – the CMIL included.

This causes me to lose sleep, which spirals into feeling horrible and depressed and not eating or hydrating.  I have tried to explain this to dear husband, but just get the brush off.  (Can you say ‘childish’?)  It’s a bad situation.

Today, and yesterday, I spent just about the entire day in my bedroom.  I’m doing a lot of reading and catching up on magazines I had neglected, but Baby knows that something is up, and he’s making it very well known by doing a lot of flipping around, kicking, and bouncing on my bladder.  I’m glad to know he’s alive and well, but it’s making mommy rather uncomfortable!  Thankfully, he does tend to sleep when I finally give in to dream land…  

I had a Doctor appointment yesterday (all is well, so I am really happy!), but it sucked that I had told husband at least 6 times since the appointment was made, three weeks ago, that it was coming up and I wanted him to go.  Did he acknowledge it?  Not a word.  Not one bit of curiosity came from his mouth about how his son is.  Pathetic, right?

So now, I have to figure out what it is I want to do.  I definitely want out of this house – it’s an emotional black hole.  Mainly because of CMIL.  But where to go?  I could go back to New England, but with only two months left of this pregnancy, will that cause more stress?  And then I would have to find a doctor, and apply for whatever aid they have up there – since there is NO way I can pay for the hospital bills.

Or do I sit it out for the two months, have the baby, and move when he’s able to go…?

I’ve never been one to give up on things, but this is really killing me.

Sorry for the ramble.  My hormones are nuts these days…  lol…


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Today Was Going to be Baby Day

I had a plan when I woke up –

Go through everything I have received so far for the baby, get stuff organized for the baby shower, set up a spreadsheet so that Thank You cards will be easy to address and send out, and see what is needed.

Baby shower truffles.

Baby shower truffles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But no.  Crazy Mother In Law, who will probably be known from here on as CMIL, wants to go to visit some family about 45 minutes away to confirm that she will be coming this weekend.  This would not usually bother me but for the fact that this family member has already confirmed, will be here on Sunday for the Baby Shower and could be reached by phone if it was really that much of an issue.

So, I get to drive way out of the way, sit and wait for the visit to end, and then come all the way home.

I’m thinking of trying to find a Dollar Store and/or maybe a Publix while she’s there to kill some time.  That should work, right?  If I spoke Spanish, it may have been a better day – but I don’t, and the CMIL does not speak English around me, only *to* me.  The older she gets, the worse IT gets.  I find it rude, but far be it for me to be able to say that.  Sigh…

Well, at least its still early.  I could be home by about 4 pm and still get some of it done.  Let’s see!

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32 Weeks and 2 Days

I am starting this with a ramble, just to get going, but it should pick up in a day or so – when I figure out just what I want this blog to show.

Do I want it to be a journal of what is left of my Pregnancy?

Do I want it to be where I vent about my experiences?  Or where I ask (and hopefully answer) the crazy questions I have myself?

It will take some doing, but I think I can come up with something.  Just starting is good for me, right now!  Especially since this blog has just been sitting out there in limbo for quite a while now…



Sweet Baby Feet

Sweet Baby Feet (Photo credit: Just Taken Pics)

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Day 4 – Already a Failure

I did not post yesterday.  I am not happy about that.

I will say that I had the blank ‘Add a Post’ window open all day….  But I had no clue what I should write.  I didn’t feel like writing anything about Sonnet 2, or what I may or may not have learned about Sonnet 1…  

I didn’t care to mention the numerous mosquito bites I got from reading the last 5 chapters of ‘The Hunger Games’ outside by my pool at 8pm…  

Nor did I care to write anything at all..  




I hate that feeling.  I want to be able to vent, to discuss, to write.  That kind of block is CRAPPY!   I see the untouched, untainted, blank screen in front of me… just asking to be typed on..  but I cannot think of anything worthy enough of being posted out there to the Blogosphere..   The funny thing, is that I don’t really expect ANYONE to read the post, or comment on it, or even know it’s there…   So why the paranoia?  Why the ‘writer’s block’?  (ESPECIALLY since I am not a writer?)


I Do NOT know!   

Ugh… I seem to have a lot of ideas to write about when I am NOT blogging, but when I am… I’m screwed.. lol


Any and all insight would be great!  =)