Twelve Weeks Today!

My little wrinkled prune is now a pudgy baby!

He’s absolutely adorable – I’m not going to lie.  Yeah, I’m biased, but that’s not it.  He’s a cutie pie!

The duality of pregnancy and having a newborn continuously surprises me.  The past twelve weeks have been the longest of my life – yet, they have gone by with light speed.  I have been depressed, thrilled, anxious and all around crazy for most of that time.  Not much has changed, but our lives are completely different than they were back in January!

Three months ago, I was changing poopy diapers and using a bunch of baby wipes to do it – all while trying not to get any of it near me.   Now, I balance the kid under a warm faucet and wash his bottom with soap and water.  I’m no longer afraid he’s going to get too slippery to hold.  I haven’t dropped him yet!

Back then, I was afraid to let him cry for more than a minute, for fear he would feel abandoned.  Now, I no longer feel completely guilty about letting him cry a bit longer.  He’s working on finding his fingers, and will occasionally get lucky and find a thumb to suck.  Which is a blessing!!!  But then he gets excited and takes the thumb *out* of the mouth.  Then it’s back to crying…

The biggest change has been his sleeping cycle.  Instead of sleeping two hours at a time, or less, he now will go down at about 10 pm and sleep until 5 or 6 am!!! That part has been absolutely fantastic!  The best part about it, is that I have gotten a job where I work at night.  My husband works the same hours.  So, when we get home we are able to sleep!  It’s crazy, right?  I do love my sleep….

Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby (Photo credit: Lisa Rosario Photography)

There is much more to say, I’m sure – but the King is calling, so I must take my leave.   lol..  Maybe that’s his new nickname…  King…


Nahh, don’t want him to get a big head quite yet!   =)

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